PhD studies at the Faculty of Arts

PhD studies will not only make you a leading expert in a particular field, but you will also learn to plan, think critically and take responsibility. You will acquire the breadth of knowledge and the skills that go with the subject in general. PhD studies involve working on a research project independently under supervision. You will both use and improve your practical and theoretical skills. You will be ready for complex and advanced work within trade and industry, the public sector, colleges and universities.

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The Faculty of Languages offers PhD studies within a number of disciplines. The departments within the faculty collaborate to offer our PhD students a creative educational environment characterised by scientific depth, interdisciplinary breadth and excellent quality.

Available PhD positions at Uppsala University

The Programme

A PhD degree comprises four years of full-time study; however, after two years students can graduate with a licentiate degree. The first terms of the programme consist mainly of courses, and during the latter terms, the emphasis is on research. In addition, many doctoral students work in teaching or administration, or both. In those cases, the programme is five years long.

The programme

PhD Degree

As a PhD or licentiate, you will be expected to be capable of independent and critical thinking, possess a good knowledge of your subject, have methodological academic skills, the ability to identify interesting and researchable issues, educational skills and the ability to express yourself well in both speech and writing. These are sought-after skills in many occupations.

Detailed information about the PhD degree

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