Historisk-filosofiska fakulteten

Urban & Rural Space

Schedule SPRING 2018 (English Park Campus)

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 1, 14.15–16.00 (Eng/3-2028)
Lecture: Urbanism and ruralism – contextualization of Concepts and Processes
Roger Andersson, Institute for Housing and Urban Research

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 15 14.15–16.00 (Eng/2-1077)
Lecture: Urban longings and realities in rural post- socialist Montenegro
Klāvs Sedlenieks
, Riga Stradins University. Post seminar

THURSDAY MARS 1, 14.15–16.00 (Eng/3-2028)
Lecture: Byzantium – concepts and processes of a global city
Myrto Veikou, Dept. of Linguistics and Philology

THURSDAY MARCH 15, 14.15–17.00 (Eng/3-2028)
Lecture and seminar, including “Fika”:
Class, gentrification and material expression in the Rural and the Urban

Henrik Ranby, Department of Conservation, GU.

FRIDAY MARCH 23, c. 10.00–16.00
Excursion to the rural and urban Sollentuna
Elisabeth Dacey, Dept. of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology & Anna Micro Vikstrand

THURSDAY APRIL 5, 14.15–16.00 (Eng/3-2028)
Introduction and seminar regarding the excursion to New York

APRIL 14 to 18
Excursion to New York

FRIDAY MAY 25 (Eng/3-2028)
Presentations of group-based fieldworks in New York. Post seminar

Are You interested in research questions regarding the demarcation of and relation between urban and rural space? For instance what networks, life forms, and identities that exist within and between them? Or how people relate to – and travel between them? How urban and rural spaces are designed and what similarities and differences in material culture that can be identified over time and in different spaces? Or the places left behind – that are neither urban nor rural?
If so, welcome to a research node dedicated to explore these topics and more!

The concepts of the urban and the rural, and the relation between them, are often taken for granted and packed with simplified and contradictory meaning. Urban and Rural Space creates an environment where a number of perspectives on the many levels of understanding of the concepts, and the interaction between them, can be presented and discussed; both historically and contemporary.

The purpose of the node’s activities is to interact between disciplines in an exploratory and idea-producing way in order to generate research and spread knowledge in research groups and study environments. 
     You will be able to attend lectures of internationally renowned researchers; take part in workshops introducing you to relevant theory and methodology; and present on text seminars getting valuable input on your project. Further on you will be able to attend master classes training you as a scholar; and join in on fieldwork – excursions will be conducted both in the vicinity of Uppsala and as well as internationally.
     As a member of Urban and Rural Space you will regularly meet with researchers, PhD-candidates and students with a common interest, and get an exclusive opportunity to work in a productive and interdisciplinary environment.