History of Media 1750-1850

The research node “History of Media 1750-1850” is a collaboration between the Department och Literature and the Department of Education at Uppsala University. The theme, history of media, is to be understood in a wider sense. The concept “media” will include a wide range of sources, from textual media – both handwritten and printed – to visual and auditory media. The node will focus on developments and new stages of different aspects of the concept "media" during the 18th and 19th century, with a special focus on the period 1750-1850.

The node is an interdisciplinary network, addressing MA students, doctoral students and researchers studying different aspects of the history of media and the emerging public sphere during the period.

The node will arrange seminars, workshops, lectures and field trips.

MA students interested in any aspect of the history of media are most welcome to join the node!