Early Modern Cultural History

The research nodes in the Faculty of History and Philosophy at Uppsala University were created in 2012 to stimulate interest in research among students on the Faculty' s masters programmes, through providing them with a stimulating environment of fellow researchers and resources not normally available in their departments. The node Early Modern Cultural History is an interdisciplinary research node in the field of Cultural History, specialising in early modern cultural practices c.1450 - 1850. In relation to early modern society, the research focuses on material culture, social interaction, cultural transfer and history of collections.

Early Modern Cultural History is a collaborative project between the departments of History, Art History, Musicology, and Textile History. The node furthermore boasts an extensive international network of universities, departments, research institutes, academies and museums. The node is managed by a research board of representatives from the disciplines involved, and two research coordinators responsible for the day-to-day activities. These consist of regular seminars, guest lectures, workshops and conferences on early modern topics. The interdisciplinary nature of Early Modern Cultural History offers a creative research environment, allowing students on the faculty's masters programmes to get involved in bigger research projects.

The node has recently received renewed funding and will now intensify the collaboration with academies, universities and museums.