History of Science and Ideas - Master's Programme in the Humanities 2019/2020

The Master's Programme in the Humanities at Uppsala University provides you with the tools needed to better understand encounters between peoples, cultures and societies, in past societies as well as in today's globalised world. With a focus on theoretical and methodological developments in the humanities, as well as on more practical skills and competences pertinent to professional careers, you will graduate with a Master of Arts.

All specialisations of this programme


The Master's Programme in the Humanities consists of a Master's thesis worth 30 credits for the one-year Master's degree and 45 credits for the two-year Master's degree. As a student in the programme you will also take compulsory and/or open elective courses within your chosen specialisation. In addition, you will select from a wide range of elective courses in this area of study as well as neighbouring disciplines, a list of which will be published each semester at the Faculty of Arts homepage.

Learning experience


The Master's Programme in the Humanities provides a solid ground for pursuing a research career in the humanities, as well as a professional career in senior positions in various sectors of the labour market. Both the one-year Master's degree and the two-year Master's degree fulfil the entry requirements for the PhD programme.

Contact and further resources

Contact the respective department for information about your chosen specialisation:

Cultural Anthropology: Annika Teppo studierektorAN@antro.uu.se

Telephone: +46 18 471 22 48

Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, Archeology info@arkeologi.uu.se

Cultural Heritage and Sustainability: Gustaf Leijonhufvud info@konstvet.uu.se

Telephone: +46 18 471 28 87

Musicology: Mattias Lundberg mattias.lundberg@musik.uu.se

Telephone: +46 18 471 15 84

Philosophy: Andrew Reisner andrew.reisner@filosofi.uu.se

Aesthetics: Elisabeth Schellekens Dammann elisabeth.schellekens@filosofi.uu.se

For admissions-related or general information, please contact our applicant support team: masterprogrammes@uu.se